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the endless path

every journey begins with a single step

1 April 1976
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  • dance0after0dark
First and foremost, I love photography. More specifically, I love travel photography. I also enjoy photographing people, especially those who are outside the norm, and if I can combine the two then I'm in heaven. As time goes by I dedicate myself more and more to alternative photography. Although I do post photos here on occasion, I've also started an LJ community specifically for photos: Dance After Dark discussion community

Back on the personal side, I'm a martial arts enthusiast. I used to beat children for a living (though we called it "self defense lessons"), and I still practice whenever I can. Of the styles I've studied, my favorites would be Aikido for its simple beauty and Capoeira for all the fun, flashy kicks. My personal style is more realistic and somewhere in between all of the extremes - an amalgam which includes everything that works for me.

If you're looking for some amusement, check out my log of all the amusing and aggravating things people do on the night shift: The Rocket Science Chronicles. You can also check out all of my photo posts and my movie reviews.

We'll call it quits for now. After all, I can't put everything in the intro or there'd be no point in keeping a journal.